Mobile App Builder

Mobile App Builder

Mobile App Builder allows you to create and manage FileMaker mobile custom apps with the iOS App SDK without knowledge of Xcode in an easy-to-use interface.

FileMaker iOS App SDK made easy

When FileMaker Inc, introduced the FileMaker iOS App SDK, it wanted to simplify the way to distribute FileMaker Custom Apps in your organisation. In the past you needed to distribute FileMaker Go and all the FileMaker files and links separately. With the FileMaker iOS App SDK, you only need to distribute a single app to your users

The required knowledge of command line instructions and Xcode can be a threshold to use the FileMaker iOS App SDK. With the myFMbutler Mobile App Builder we simplified the whole build process and you can now build apps without even opening Xcode.

And best of all, if FileMaker releases a new version of its iOS App SDK, you can just reuse your settings and create a new version of your apps in seconds.

Mobile App Builder


  • Create native mobile custom apps for iOS
  • Preview apps
  • Build for in-house and enterprise distribution
  • Build for the app store
  • Manage multiple apps
  • Reuse and share build settings
  • Automatically create all required app icons
  • Create distribution files for over-the-air installs
  • Supports FileMaker iOS Plug-ins

Trial download

Mobile App Builder 1.0 download for Mac OS X (32 MB)


System requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.12 or higher
  • Xcode 9
  • FileMaker iOS App SDK 17.0.x  (requires a FileMaker Developer Subscription )
  • Apple (Enterprise) Developer Program membership



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