FMCalendar is a graphical calendar for the FileMaker Platform that doesn’t require plug-ins or external web resources to work and that runs on FileMaker Go, FileMaker Pro and FileMaker WebDirect.



  • Full-sized, drag & drop calendar (iCal style calendar)
    FMCalendar allows you to easily manage all of your calendars and events in your FileMaker database. Create calendars, add events to a calendar, edit an event, move or resize an event, etc.

    Please note: event creating, moving and resizing features are not compatible with FileMaker Go and FileMaker WebDirect.
  • Multiple calendars
    You can manage as many calendars as you want. One calendar for each user or each project. Organise your events your own way.
  • Custom or preset calendar colours
    Each calendar is assigned a colour. Events on a calendar are displayed in the calendar’s colour. When viewing multiple calendars, you can see which events belong to which calendars by their colours. You can use the default colours or create your own colours using hex colour codes (for example, #FF0000 for red).



  • All-day and multiday events
    Add an event in the Calendar that lasts one or more complete days (for example, for a holiday) or that spans multiple days but has specific start and end times (for example, a work shift beginning in the evening and ending the following morning).
    Events that last one or more complete days are shown in the ‘All-day’ section at the top of Day or Week view.
  • Add, update and delete events
    To add an event, just click the + button or the day and time you want. To modify an event, click the event in the calendar view to open the edit panel. You can also resize or drag an event in the calendar view.
  • Location
    A location can be added to an event and displayed in a small Google map.
  • Note
    Notes can be added to each event but are not displayed in the calendar view. You can add your own fields to the event table (such as URL, attachments, etc.).


  • Day view
    Click Day to view events one day at a time. The day’s events are displayed in a calendar. All-day events appear at the top.
  • Week view
    Click Week to view events one week at a time. All-day events appear at the top.
  • Month view
    Click Month to view events one month at a time. All events appear each day. Scroll the Calendar view or expand the window to see more events.
  • Mini calendar to quickly jump to a given date.
    A mini calendar is available in the Calendar List sidebar. Click on a given date to quickly jump to this date in the Calendar view.


Settings & user preferences

  • Start and end times
    Users can choose the start and end times of the Calendar view, thus avoiding unnecessary scrolling.
  • Show/hide weekend on Week view
    Users can show or hide Saturday and Sunday in the Calendar view. You may wish to hide weekends if you are using the calendar only for work events.
  • Show/hide mini calendar
    If the user isn’t using it, the mini calendar can be hidden.
  • User preferences
    FMCalendar remembers all user preferences and settings such as default calendars, window sizes, calendars shown, etc.

System requirements

FileMaker Pro Advanced 17

FileMaker Pro 16

FileMaker Pro 15

Trial download

Download the trial, upload it to your server and open it with FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, or in your web browser using the new FileMaker WebDirect technology. It’s that simple!



  • Powerful event management
    FMCalendar is a great way to manage and view events in your FileMaker database. You can manage as many calendars as you want and interact with the visual representation of your event’s data. Interact with your database in true iCal style.

  • Modern, standard design
    Month, week and day calendar views. Pre-defined or custom colours for each calendar. Mini calendar to quickly jump to a given date. Choose to show or hide weekend and/or mini calendar.
    Based on HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery technologies.

  • Easy to integrate in your solution
    Simple, documented code. Only five tables, one layout, few custom functions and calculated fields. Just copy and paste FMCalendar into your solution or link your database to FMCalendar.
    Customising the display requires only a little knowledge of HTML/CSS.


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