Automatically send email from FileMaker Server without using the standard email client

Messaging solution

AutoSender is a messaging solution robot that allows you to automatically send emails from your FileMaker solutions, based on the status of a FileMaker field. You can easily manage several files from which to send email.

AutoSender also supports automatic sending of faxes or text messages through the use of a third party fax or texting service.

Because AutoSender has its own built-in email engine, it doesn’t use the standard email client on the customer’s computer, which allows for an easier setup and increased reliability because you have more control of the process from within your application.


What’s new in version 4?‚Äč

  • Mailjet support
  • Fixed an issue where invalid statuses wouldn’t be updated
  • Added the option to limit the log file size and cycle log files
  • Memory optimization
  • [MAC] status light bug fix (status light was always green)
  • Added support for container fields
  • Fixed an issue with HTTPS connections




  • AutoSender’s engine checks which email needs to be sent, based on FileMaker field criteria
  • Communicates with FM Server using either JDBC or XML
  • Runs a background process (a daemon on Mac OS X; a Service on Windows)
  • Supports plain text as well as HTML email, and mixed plain/HTML messages
  • Allows for multiple files/tables to be checked for emails to be sent, whether on a local LAN or over the internet
  • Logging of date and time when email was sent
  • Reporting of unsent email
  • Support for attachments, stored either externally or in a container field
  • Integrates fax and texting functionality through the use of third-party fax or texting services


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Trial download

AutoSender 4 Installer for Mac OS X (9 MB)


AutoSender 4 Installer for Windows (5 MB)



  • A single solution manages automated messaging from different FileMaker solutions
  • Easy installation and maintenance – does not require any installation on the client side
  • Doesn’t use the email client on the user’s machine, so you have more control over the process after the emails have left FileMaker
  • AutoSender can run on the server, or on a separate machine – it can even connect to the FileMaker server over the internet
  • Ideal for integration in IWP solutions (e.g. send emails automatically when new records are created, when records have changed, etc.)
  • Extensible architecture – can also be used for fax and text messaging using a third-party email-to-fax or email-to-text provider

System requirements

For FileMaker:

FileMaker Server 17 with XML publishing enabled or with ODBC/JDBC sharing enabled.
FileMaker Server 16 with XML publishing enabled or with ODBC/JDBC sharing enabled.
FileMaker Server 15 with XML publishing enabled or with ODBC/JDBC sharing enabled.

For AutoSender background application:

Mac OS X 10.9 to 10.14
Windows 2012 Server or higher
Java 1.6 32-bit 

MacOS Catalina is not supported at this time.


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