myFMbutler’s goal is to provide a wide range of tools that help FileMaker developers create better solutions. Through the use of our products, we want to extend the capabilities of FileMaker and want to offer developers a way to improve their projects, and help them finish their projects faster.

myFMbutler is a division of the Lesterius Group

Lesterius develops custom FileMaker solutions and is active in several European countries.
Lesterius is the parent company and employs some eighteen FileMaker developers, spread over several European countries. Lesterius is headquartered in Belgium and has branches in the Netherlands and France.

While developing applications, we realised that there was also a demand for additional services, such as hosting, training and add-ons.

We housed these services in independent business units to ensure they would have space to develop, while still enjoying the synergies offered by the group

During our development work, we are often confronted with similar needs. This led us to develop individual expansion packs as well as specific applications, which can be used in different types of projects.

We develop all our tools in-house and implement them at several customers before making them available to the FileMaker community.

We annually attend the FileMaker Developers Conference, where we regularly receive praise from the international FileMaker community. Lesterius is also the driving force behind various forums in Europe, the FMSummit in the Benelux and the FMconférence in France.

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