We provide a wide range of tools to help FileMaker developers create better solutions.

Through the use of our products, we want to extend the capabilities of FileMaker and want to offer developers a way to improve their projects, and help them finish their projects faster.

Allows you to easily manage all of your calendars and events in your FileMaker database


A graphical calendar for FileMaker 14. It allows you to easily manage all of your calendars and events in your FileMaker database.

Automatically send email from FileMaker Server without using the standard email client


A messaging solution robot that allows you to automatically send emails from your FileMaker solutions, based on the status of a FileMaker field. 

Take control of your FileMaker clipboard

Clip Manager for Mac

An application that allows you to store FileMaker fields, tables, scripts, script steps, custom functions and layouts in an easy-to-use library.

myFMbutler is a division of the Lesterius Group

The Lesterius Group also offers the following services:

Development & Consultancy

Development & Consultancy

Lesterius develops custom software solutions, such as administrative applications, CRM applications, stock management systems, etc. We ensure that all your internal, online and mobile processes and applications are optimally integrated.



Your applications must operate in a stable and reliable environment. We offer various hosting packages, fully tailored to your needs. We even offer a completely free solution, called ‘321Go!’. 

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